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Sea buckthorn products


Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) has been used as food and medicine in Asia and Europe for centuries. Since it prefers dry habitats, it can be found mainly in dry areas in China, Mongolia, and Russia. The plant has been in cultivation in Hungary for several decades.

Many people think of it as a miraculous plant whose fruit can be a medicine for every disease. While this is certainly incorrect, it may be effective in fighting off many illnesses due to its innumerable advantageous properties. Its most important ingredients include extremely high concentrations of vitamins C and E, and also vitamin A, malic acid, flavonoids, and oils. Its average C-vitamin content is 695 mg per 100 gr, which is one of the highest values among all plants on Earth. (Just for comparison: in orange, this value is 45 mg/ 100 gr.)

It strengthens the human immune system; that’s why it’s quite popular as a winter medication against cold and flu. Due to its high vitamin E content, it positively affects dry skin condition and strengthens hair bulbs. It facilitates liver function and has a positive effect on gastroenteritis. It has been subject to intensive medical research to ascertain its suggested positive effects on such illnesses as inflammatory disorders and various types of cancer, as well as its positive influence on bone marrow after chemotherapy.

We offer the following products in our product range:

Sea buckthorn pulp, juice, seed oil and crushed products (both, from seed and fruit).

Sea buckthorn pulp

Sea buckthorn juice (50 % apple juice + 38 % pumpkin juice + 12 % sea buckthorn pulp)

Sea buckthorn seed oil

Sea buckthorn crushed seed powder