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Jams & Syrups


The jams and syrups in our product portfolio are produced following traditional family recipes, often those that were inherited from Grandma. They all have a high fruit content and preserved by added sugar and gentle pasteurization without any additives and preservatives, with the exception of the plum jam, which doesn’t have any added sugar.

When selecting these products, we were looking for especially pleasing and unique flavours, in addition to being made of purely natural ingredients. Based on their extraordinary qualities, superb flavours, and rich content, these jams and syrups definitely stand out of the market average.

The plum jam made by Mr. Zoltán Bánfi  is a true gem, which can be rightly called a premium product and a delicacy for the gourmand. The jams and syrups made by the Koltay family also belong to the premium category.

The unique character and unequaled flavours of these products are based on the fruits and berries collected in the Aggtelek National Park. Added to them are the many years of experience and family recipes of the producers, which place these products in the premium category.


Apricot Jam

Plum jam

Quince jam
Sour Cherry Jam
Black Pearl of the Forest jam
Cornelberry jam
Rosehip jam
Elderberry jam
Blackberry jam


Mint Syrup
Cornelberry syrup with pulp
Rosehip syrup with pulp
Black Pearl of the Forest Syrup