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Honey played a very important role in the diet of people in Hungary already as early as the medieval times. From the second part of the XVth century, Hungary was one of the biggest exporters of honey in Europe for many years. Today this is the case again, as most of the honey produced in the country goes for export.

Of the several varieties of Hungarian honeys, there are two of truly exceptional quality: Black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) and Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) honey, which are also certified as Hungaricums.

Honey is used either as a natural sweetener or consumed on its own. It has many beneficial physiological effects, which are listed on the label of the different varieties.

Our honey portfolio starts with the four most typical honeys of the Hungarian Alföld (Eastern part of Hungary):

  • Black Locust,
  • Milkweed,
  • Rape
  • and Mixed Flower honey.

We offer also the organic version of these honeys. These honeys are 100 % Hungarian produced not containing any imported honey. Our long relationship with our suppliers can guarantee the excellent and uniform quality. Purchasing honey is an affair based on trust and confidence.

We wouldn’t like to abuse your confidence!


Black Locust Honey - HUNGARICUM

Milkweed Honey (Asclepias Syriaca)

Rape Honey

Mixed Flower Honey


Milkweed Honey (Asclepias Syriaca) ORGANIC

Mixed Flower Honey ORGANIC