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Fruit juices


almale-poharbanWe distribute fruit juices only with 100 % fruit content, which are not from concentrate.(NFC). The products are freshly made upon orders by pressing the fruits kept in fresh condition and mixing their juices.

What does it make our apple and apple-based juices different from other similar products on the market ?

The secret is coming from talent, perseverance and diligence. Mrs. Edit Kiss, the manufacturer of Vitabox products, concocted recipes for extremely appealing tastes that can be equalled only by very few competitors on the market. The sophisticated world of flavours of the main products has been achieved by several years of continuous work and experimentation. The pleasant tastes are created not only by combining individual flavours, but by carefully selecting and blending various fruit and vegetable varieties. This is the case in the pure apple juice, for example, in which the unique mix of 5 apple varieties yields the very special flavour.

Besides the established main products, there are always new ones coming out, many of which becoming rapidly popular among our customers. A good example is the special juice of apple-carrot-beetroot, which has an excellent taste and is liked very much by people suffering from serious diseases due to its revitalizing effect.

Traded juices:

100 % apple juice

Apple-Peach juice

Apple-Sourcherry juice
Apple-Straberry juice
Apple-Pear juice
Apple-Pumpkin juice
Apple-Carrot juice
Apple-Beetroot juice
Apple-Beetroot-Carrot juice (ABC)
Apple-Sea buckthorn juice