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About us


Our company was founded in 2014, after several years’ experience in trading on the domestic market. The company’s main profile is the export of high quality Hungarian specialty food and the import of similarly high quality products from abroad.

The quality of food we consume has become the number one issue in many families’ life. Today it is more and more important to know what food we have on our table.

The widespread use of additives, artificial flavourings and colourings, and synthetic preservatives in mass production is undeniably related to the increase in obesity, allergy, cardiovascular and even gastrointestinal disorders in the human population. We believe, however, that most of these adverse effects may be avoided by the consumption of clean and nutritious, healthy food. That’s why we have decided to distribute only products that don’t contain any of these artificial additives.

We offer a continually growing line of products in our portfolio that are made exclusively of natural raw materials and in several cases are even organic products. The majority of these products are home-made and manufactured in relatively small quantities by local farmers, many times using traditional recipes and methods, and always strictly following the regulations of the Hungarian Food Safety Act. Our long relationship with these manufacturers guarantees the continuously high standards.

The exceptionally rich and wonderful taste and flavours of these products are mostly the result of the location and way they have been produced. The unique characteristics of the rich and fertile Hungarian soil, and the small scale, family-oriented home production with experience that dates back sometimes many generations all contribute to the great culinary pleasure these products can provide.

Our potential customers are primarily health conscious people in Hungary and abroad, who are looking for high quality and often specialty food products on the market.